Small Business IT Consulting You Can Trust

Small and growing businesses donít have the luxury of being able to make mistakes. Budgets are often tight and resources limited. Choices like a new computer system or a dynamic Web site can be a make or break issue. The law of unintended consequences compounds the damage from every mistake. Lost time, money, employees and customers can spell disaster.

Five Views Technologies can help you avoid mistakes in your Information Technology (IT) choices. We can help you gather details about your needs, compare your options and make the right choices. But thatís only the beginning. Once the big choices are made youíll need a plan to get the systems in, set them up and put them to use. Gone are the days when the Cowboys of IT ventured out into the unknown and sweated it out until the West was won. Modern IT is far more civilized.

When thinking about what we have to offer consider this question, ĎWhen is a consultant not a consultant?í The answer is simple. Itís when heís a salesman. If he profits from you taking his advice, his advice is just a sales pitch. At Five Views Technologies we go out of our way to avoid any conflict of interest. In those rare cases where it canít be avoided, weíre up front with you about your options.

By staying vendor neutral, we avoid the temptation to give you biased advice. If weíre helping you make the choice of Windows or Unix, Cisco or Bay Networks, canned software or custom development, you can be assured that we wonít skew our advice to make a few extra dollars. Because, to put it simply, we donít make those extra dollars.

Whether your company is launching into the Internet and youíre not sure where to start, or is bringing in an expensive computer system and you need to make sure itís implemented properly, Five Views Technologies can help you avoid mistakes.