Results You Can Expect

  IT Plan You will probably be spending a lot of money on computer systems. This will keep it all on track and working together.
  LAN / WAN Architecture Choosing the best pieces, connecting them correctly and making them easy to expand and upgrade.
  Internet Site Architecture Your Internet Site, including your Web Site have to work with the rest of your company or it just won't work.
  Functional Requirements The documentation of what your business needs from it's computer systems.
  Comparative Analysis A side-by-side comparison of the options available to you.
  Technical Specifications Where your chosen systems meet your company's requirements for the first time, in detail, on paper and in terms that can be understood by the people who need to know.
  Project Plan The layout of where all the resources, human or otherwise, come in to play to create the desired results.
  Disaster Recovery Plan Outline your systems' vulnerabilities, the steps to take to minimize risks, and the what to do if something bad happens.